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The name of Lielvārde (Leenewarde at the time) first appeared in 1201 in the Indriķis Chronicles. There is, however, archeological evidence at Dievukalns that Baltic tribes inhabited the area as early as three thousand years ago.

In 1992 Lielvārde was awarded city status. As a result of territorial reforms, in 2004 the city of Lielvārde and the surrounding rural area became Lielvārde district, which now includes the rural municipalities of Lēdmane and Jumprava.

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Wisemarks are contemporary version of Lielvārde belt pattern that consists of a QR code and its components. Wisemarks offer an interactive way of getting acquainted with Lielvārde District, its history and places to visit. Scanning the code in your mobile device gives you access to information about places to see in Lielvārde District.

The author of the Wisemarks Project is artist Diāna Potapova.

The Project ir being implemented by the Municipality of Lielvārde District.

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